Business Assistance for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Enterprises

Musky Tank offers a wide range of services designed for every stage of business operations – from start-ups, to second stage growth companies, to well-established enterprises entering new markets or introducing new products, to turnarounds. When you need third party expertise that can offer an unbiased perspective based on decades of business experience, we can help.

Our Areas of Expertise: 

Business Plan Development:

Business plan development for startups, early stage, growing and struggling businesses.

Business Turnarounds:

Business turnaround services to help businesses address revenue, capital and cash flow issues and build a sustainable long-term business.

Funding Planning & Presentation Development:

Funding planning and presentation development to help businesses develop capital plans to fund their growth.

Business Equity Funding:

Business equity funding investments – financial and talent – for early stage and growth companies.

Operations and Process Review:

Operations and process review to identify and address areas of opportunity for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

Growth Company Structure Planning and Implementation:

Growth company structure planning and implementation to help growing companies develop and implement the team structure and processes for long-term success.

Interim Executive Management Roles:

Interim executive management assistance from Musky Tank’s experienced business executives to both fill and develop executive-level roles and organizational structure for long-term success.

Supply Chain Development and Management:

Supply chain development and management to assist early stage device (medical, automotive, industrial, consumer and defense) companies to develop efficient and effective supply chain processes to maximize revenue.

Project Management:

Project management services including the development of plans for specific manufacturing projects.

Operational and Financial Metric Development:

Operational and financial metric development to aid in identifying the right measures to monitor for maximum success, including assistance in developing tracking and reporting mechanisms.

Succession Plan Development:

Succession planning for C-suite and other critical roles, in consultant with company ownership, board and key leaders.

Board of Directors and Board of Advisors Creation and Membership:

Board of Directors/Advisors services including assistance in creating Boards, evaluating Board performance and serving on boards as members or advisors.

Flexible, Affordable, Proven Business Services: 

We have standard packages that we can customize to address your start-up or established business needs.


Option #1
Operational Strategy

High-level analysis from two Musky Tank experts with a focus on current state financial and operational performance. We’ll help you clarify your story and create move-forward actions for management action.


Option #2
Monthly Strategic Check-Ins

One-hour follow up calls ensure your plan is on track. Musky Tank “zoom calls” focus on three specific goals for your business and progress on specific actions, including a forecast of future performance.


Option #3
Custom Services

Personalized consultation based on your unique business needs. Priced based on project scope.