Starting a Small Business in Wisconsin

Great idea? Now what? Musky Tank has the expertise and connections to help you position your small start-up business – or business idea – for growth. From market research to funding sources to business format and strategy we’ve got you covered.

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From Start-up to Second Stage Growth

When you’re poised for second stage success, but looking for expert counsel, we can help. Musky Tank can help you evaluate your current business operations, competitive positioning, financing, funding and staffing options to maximize value and boost your bottom line.

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When Your Business is in Trouble

We help businesses identify and resolve early signs of distress and restructure, or rebuild, their teams with the talent needed for a successful turnaround effort. Musky Tank can lead your company out of crisis through coaching, counseling or hands-on leadership.

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"If I was going to tell someone to give Musky Tank a call, it's not because things are bad, but because you have the desire to improve"

- Mark from OEM

"Having Musky Tank come in has really shown me that if you bring in the right people for your business that it really can propel you to the next level"

- Steve Meyer from Future Farm Grown

"I'd highly recommend Musky Tank"

- Steve Meyer from Future Farm Grown

Visit a Musky Tank Mixer

We have a Musky Tank Mixer every month

We gather entrepreneurs, investors, and other experts to network and learn from each other every month at our Musky Tank Mixers. Find out the details for our next event and come join in the fun and make great connections.

Answers to Your Business Questions

Musky Tank specializes in business transformation and recovery.

Whether you’re just launching your business, poised for serious business growth or addressing emerging signs of distress, we have the expertise, objectivity and experience to help you achieve business success.

Is there a market for my business idea?

Who are my competitors?

How can I find high-quality, cost-effective employees?

How can I plan for business growth?

Where can I find small business funding?

How can I identify new markets?

Where can I find top talent to fill critical gaps?

Get the Business Boost You Need Now!

We bring business objectivity and expertise, and years of experience, in helping companies launch, grow and recover from business setbacks and serious financial obstacles. Let’s talk!